Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Devotional Songs

Every year on the occasion of Makara Sankranti, around half a million devotees flow to Sabarimala for LIVE Darshan of Makara Jyothi and Makaravilakku.

It is believed that Lord Ayyappa himself appears in form of Makara Jyothi – a celestial light or a star which is seen in the skies at dusk on Makara Sankranthi on the Kantamala hills facing the Sabarimala temple.

If you are devotee of Lord Ayyappa – incarnation of Lord Shiva and Lord VIshnu, then i am sure you might be searching for Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Devotional Songs.

Below you can find a collection of Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Devotional Songs Album Jukeboxes.

Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Devotional Songs :

These Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Songs are in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam …

Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Songs

Ayyappa Makarajyothi Mahimalu – Makara Jyothi Ayyappa Songs Album :

Ayyappa Mala Deeksha – Telugu AyMakara Jyothi Ayyappa Songs Album :

Ayyappa Charithm – Ayyappa Songs Album :

Ayyappa Swaratharangini – Lord Ayyappa Songs Album :

Ayyappa Saranu Ghosha – Lord Ayyappa Songs Jukebox :

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